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Digital Villa Video Intercom System

Digital Villa Video Intercom System

CASHLY Digital villa intercom system is an intercom system based on TCP/IP digital network. It is composed of Gate station, Villa entrance station, indoor monitor, etc. It features visual intercom, video surveillance, access control, elevator control, security alarm , Cloud intercom and other functions, providing a complete visual intercom system solution based on single-family villas.

System Overview

System Overview

Solution Features

Visual Intercom

The user can directly call the indoor monitor at the door phone to realize the visual intercom and unlock function. The user can also use the indoor monitor to call other indoor monitors to realize the house to house intercom function.

Access Control

The user can call the indoor station from the outdoor station at the door to open the door by visual intercom, or use an IC card and password to open the door. The user can register and cancel the IC card at the outdoor station.

Security Alarm

Indoor stations can be connected to various security monitoring probes, and provide out mode/home mode/sleep mode/disarm mode. When the probe alarms, the indoor monitor will automatically sound an alarm to remind the user to take action.

Video Surveillance 

Users can use the indoor monitor to view the video of the outdoor station at the door, and view the IPC video installed at home.

Cloud Intercom

When the user is out, if there is a host call, the user can use the App to talk and unlock.

Smart Home Linkage

By docking the smart home system, the linkage between video intercom and smart home system can be realized, which makes the product more intelligent.

System Structure

System Structure1 (2)
System Structure1 (1)