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CASHLY Introdution

CASHLY was established in 2010, which has been devoting itself in Video Intercom System and Smart Home for more than 12 years. We have over 300 workers, R&D team consists of 30 engineers, 12 years experience. Now CASHLY has become one of leading Intelligent Security Management System Manufacturers in China and owned its comprehensive range of products including TCP/IP Video Intercom System, 2-Wire TCP/IP Video Intercom System, Smart home, Wireless Doorbell, Elevator Control System, Access Control System, Fire Alarm Intercom System, Door Intercom, GSM/3G Access Controller, Smart Lock, GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal, Wireless Smart Home, GSM 4G Smoke Detector, Wireless Service Bell Intercom and so forth ,Intelligent Facility Management System and so on and CASHLY products have wined customers around the world.

The Advantages of OEM

· Expand product line & Enlarge you business scope;
· Reduce the cost for R&D and production;
· Prefect Global Value Chain;
· Strengthen core competitive force.

CASHLY-Experience of OEM

Since 2010, over 15 companies choose to OEM our products, and we helped our OEM customers saved over $200,000 cost every year on their business.
· 12  years experience of OEM; Established in 2010;
· Confidentiaity agreement;
· Product diversity.


· R&D Team (Software/Hardware):30 (20/10)
· Patent:21
· Certification:20

Special For OEM

· Extend the Warranty to 2 years;
· Quick-Response service in 24*7;
· Customize for Appearance Designs and Product Function.

Personnel Structure

· We have more than 300 Employees ;
· 10%+ are engineers ;
· The average age is under 27.

Laboratory and equipment

· High- low temperature heat-cold chamber;
· Lab and Equipments;
· Lightning surge generato;
· Frequency drop generator;
· Thermal Shock Chambers;
· Intelligent group pulse tester;
· Primary Adhesive Tester;
· Electric wings drop tester;
· Lasting Adhesive Tester;
· ESD static equipment.

What is the average lead time?

For standard products,the lead time is about 1 month. For customized products, the lead time is around 2 months.

Does CASHLY products have quality certificates and test certifications?

Our products have passed CE, EMC and C-TICK certification.

How many languages does CASHLY Intercom support?

There are night languages, including English, Hebrew, Russian, French, Polish, Korean, Spanish, Turkish and Chinese, etc.

What are the payment terms of CASHLY Intercom System?

CASHLY supports T/T payment, Western Union, Ali payment. For more details, please ask customer service.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty period is two years.